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Green Chelating Agent

Green Chelating Agent

Green Chelating Agent
AVASEQ Green Chelate is environmental friendly, safe and reliable in utilization, easily biodegradable.

AVASEQ Green Chelate is a metal ion chelation agent, and can form stable water soluble complexes with metal ion. It has good solubility in wide pH range with powerful decontamination ability and can achieve synergistic effect with biocides in systems.

AVASEQ Green Chelate is mainly prepared from plant-based raw material, L-glutamate. AVASEQ Green Chelate can be widely used as substitute for chelation agent (e.g. NTA, EDTA, etc.) in high polymer chemistry industry, household chemical industry, pulp & paper industry, pharmaceuticals industry, aquaculture, textile dyeing and printing industry, oil field, water treatment industry, boiler cleaning, etc.

Physical properties :

Chemical NameGlutamic Acid,N,N-diacetic Acid, Tetra Sodium Salt
CAS No.51981-21-6
Molecular Structure
Molecular weight351.1

Specification :

AVASEQ Green Chelate 38%AVASEQ Green Chelate 47%
AppearanceAmber transparent liquidAmber transparent liquid
ContentMin 38%Min 47 %
Chloride (as Cl-)Max 3 %Max 3%
pH(1% water solution)11.0 - 12.011.0 - 12.0
Density (20°c) g/cm3Min 1.30Min 1.40

Properties :

Packing :

Storage :

Other Information :
EINECS No.257-573-7
Reach registrationNo
MSDSAvailable on request

Applications :
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